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Acne Treatment

One of the most common skin complaints we see in Townsville is acne.

We all know that Acne is a serious skin condition, which can affect people from adolescence through to later in life. That's why we offer a variety of acne treatment options customised to your individual skin type and condition. These treatments can help destroy the acne causing bacteria quickly, painlessly and drug free, leaving you with smooth, clear, and radiant skin. 

Acne may be caused by many factors, including hormone levels, genetics, inflammation and ineffective skin care products. Individuals of any age can suffer from acne problems. However, smooth clear skin can be achieved with appropriate assessment by experienced clinicians and proven treatments from our wide range of medical grade products and laser technologies. At Skinworx we offer a variety of options for acne treatment that can be customised to your individual skin type and problem.

About Acne

Acne is something most of us have experienced at one time or another. As many as three out of four teenagers have experienced it to some extent. it is most prevalent during adolescence because hormonal changes stimulate the sebaceous glands (oil glands) into producing more sebum (oil), increasing the chance of acne. While most people out grow acne in their late teens or early twenties, many continue to be affected much longer. Aggravation of acne in later life may occur with menstrual periods, use of birth control pills, use of oil-based products and stress.

What Causes Acne?

Acne occurs when the oil produced by sebaceous glands does not reach the surface of the skin but is trapped in tiny pores or follicles, causing a plug.

What are the Different Forms of Acne?

Human skin normally secretes oil through the sebaceous gland that is connected to a hair-containing canal called a follicle. When the sebaceous gland is unable to effectively release the necessary oils to the skin due to blockage, pores can form blackheads, whiteheads or rupture and develop pimples.

Dr Richard Keyes is also available for Consultations for acne, should you need further referals or scripts.

Deep Pore Cleanse $99

Student Cleanse $75 (school students only)

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