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COVID-19 Patient Information


The safe and responsible resumption of cosmetic medical procedures is underpinned by adherence to acknowledged Covid-19 infection control protocols.  As a clinic, Skinworx employees are well placed and experienced in managing these strict infection control guidelines, within a dedicated clinical environment, that are necessary to focus on safety of patients/clients, staff and the wider community, especially as these are non-essential, aesthetic procedures.

Before resuming cosmetic injectables within our clinic, we must consider whether they are contributing unnecessarily to any broader risk of spread, and are within the relevant MDO and state health authority guidelines.

The following Protocols are based on Australian Government Directives, Queensland Health Directives and the ACAM guidelines.

Skinworx staff have downloaded the COVIDSafe app and we encourage all clients to do the same.

*This information will be updated as Directives and guidelines change.


These protocols apply to the practice of Cosmetic Medicine procedures within Skinworx, where universal precautions have historically been routinely applied.  However, with the advent of the unusual aspects of Covid-19 transmission, more rigorous measures are now required.



  1. The point of entry will be controlled by a dedicated staff member while maintaining social distancing not less than 1.5m, so that the patient be provided hand sanitisation. You will be advised not to touch your face once your hands are sanitised.  No handshaking or hugs are allowed.
  2. Patients with ANY respiratory symptoms will be excluded from entering the premises. As per standard policy, clients should be well for ALL treatments eg no symptoms of a UTI, no active cold sores, no infections of any kind.
  3. Temperature check will be performed and recorded upon entry. Patients who are febrile (>38.0C) will be handed printed advice regarding testing and directed to leave the premises forthwith.
  4. Questionnaire regarding Covid-19 will be provided for completion by each patient. Ideally this will be completed electronically prior to your appointment.  If you answer YES to any of the questions or have a fever, your appointment will be rescheduled.  You are welcome to contact the clinic if you are unsure to discuss the issue before attending your appointment.
  5. Patients will be escorted to the consultation / treatment area or if in waiting areas, they must conform to social distancing requirements. Our waiting area will be arranged to conform with social distancing regulations, with not more than 1 person per 4m2. All magazines and brochures have been removed from our waiting area.
  6. Please arrive to the clinic with a clean face and no makeup. If you are wearing makeup, you will be asked to remove your makeup with soap.
  7. Please attend your appointment by yourself. Children and accompanying adults will not be permitted within the clinic.
  8. Please bring only your car keys, your phone and purse/wallet into the clinic. These items will be placed within a bag provided to you whilst you are in the clinic.


  1. Appointments will be of short duration, not exceeding 30 minutes. This includes planning, injecting and payment. You may need to schedule a consultation and treatment on separate days.
  2. Face-to-face consultations – you will be provided with discretionary access to gloves, face mask and tissues. Special emphasis will be placed upon the potential for patients to cough or sneeze, with patients having ready access to tissues.  Removal of any mask worn by the patient may be required upon request from the practitioner if the area of examination includes the peri-oral region.
  3. Surgical masks, protective eyewear and other PPE will be worn by the health practitioner DURING PROCEDURES, including clean single use gloves. A disposable plastic apron will be worn by the practitioner and changed after each patient.
  4. Any procedures performed will require the entire face being cleansed thoroughly with antiseptic (alcohol, chlorhexidine). Antisepsis will be allowed to dry before proceeding with any treatment.
  5. Special precautions will be taken when treating around or inside the mouth as this is a much higher risk field. You will be asked to rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouth wash for any treatments in the area in or around the mouth.
  6. Treatments with plume producing lasers and energy-based devices and cooling devices that blow cold air will not be used as the behaviour of Covid-19 in plume has not yet been studied nor understood.
  7. Make-up or concealer will not be applied after your treatment.
  8. After each treatment, all surfaces will be fully treated with alcohol or similar antisepsis and the room not re-used until at least the time taken for surfaces to completely dry. This will require extra time to be allowed for each appointment.
  9. All other duties of care will proceed and occur as previously practiced.


  1. One-way patient flow will be allowed for as much as possible. Arrow direction of patient flow will be clearly marked on the floor.
  2. High-touch points such as EFTPOS machine, door handles, desks, examination couches, tabletops and toilet will be regularly sanitised.
  3. Importantly, 1.5m social distancing between all persons will be managed constantly, except during active treatment.
  4. Staff will change into work clothing on-site and place used garments at the end of their shift into a plastic bag for laundering.
  5. The Five Moments of Handwashing are displayed and known by staff plus the Australian Government Covid-19 Knowledge Assessment and Certification using online assessment has been undertaken by all staff members.
  6. Staff with symptoms of fever, cough, and fatigue are required not to attend work.


  1. If you develop a fever, cough or feel generally unwell within 14 days after visiting the clinic, please notify Skinworx as soon as possible.
  2. Each patient will be given clinic contact details, including after-hours contact information, after their treatment.


The Skinworx Team thank you for your understanding and compliance during the COVID-19 health crisis.