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ALA Treatment

Treatment of Pre-Cancerous Lesions

5-ALA (aminolevulinic acid 20%) is a naturally occurring photosensitizing compound. 5-ALA is applied to the skin and subsequently activated by specific wavelengths of light. This process of Activating 5-ALA with light is termed photodynamic therapy (PDT). The purpose of activating the 5-ALA is to improve the appearance texture and smoothness of the skin. This is termed photo rejuvenation.

The ALA is applied to the skin and you must remain out of the sun for a period of time. The time is determined by the area being treated. Some areas require only a few hours incubation and others e.g. arms or legs may require overnight incubation. Again, depending on the area and the results necessary, a second treatment may be required two weeks after the first. After each treatment, you must stay out of the sun and avoid bright lights for 48 hours.

There is some discomfort associated with the treatment and a topical anaesthetic is used. Treatment can also result in some swelling, redness, crusting and pain. Generally the amount of reaction is dependant upon the damage being treated. We recommend that you have 5 days off work and a medical certificate will be issued by the Doctor who has referred ALA treatment.

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