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Vein Therapy

Make unsightly facial and leg veins a thing of the past.

Sun damage, hormones, heredity or age, can cause redness and broken capillaries on our face. It may also be aggravated by poor diet or excess alcohol consumption. A consultation with one of our clinicians will help to assess your condition and formulate a treatment program for you.

Looking for vein therapy treatments in Townsville?

Veins and broken capillaries can be treated by laser, IPL, or sclerotherapy (injection of veins) or a combination of these treatments. Each of these modalities has their particular effectiveness and by having all of these in our clinic we are better able to give you the result that you are hoping for. The course or combination of treatments is dependant upon the site of the veins and severity and the treatment will be determined by one of our clinicians after examination discussion with you.

We also stock a number of topical products that can aid in reducing redness in the skin and reducing the visibility of the problem.

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