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Laser Hair Removal

Are you sick and tired of waxing and shaving? Laser hair removal offers permanent hair reduction that is quick, effective and safe.

The CoolGlide (1064 Nd:YAG) is the first laser cleared for permanent hair reduction in all skin types and is endorsed by physicians worldwide. It is able to treat all skin types (I-VI), and its large spot size allows for maximum speed and optimal penetration at all follicle depths.

Reduction is achieved by using heat to disable the hair follicle and prevent re-growth. The bulb and bulge of the follice are areas believed to be responsible for re-growth and these areas are targeted by the IPL and Laser hand piece. Multiple treatments are required to achieve sufficient reduction as each hair goes through 3 growth phases (anagen, catagen and telogen) and only the hair in the anagen phase can be treated. Each hair passes through the growth phase independent of the neighbouring hairs so not all hairs will be in the same phase at the same time.

Treatment Intervals:

Treatment intervals can be from 4-12 weeks depending on the area to be treated. Your therapist will advise what is required for your treatment.

Treatments Required:

6-10 treatments (with an average of 8) are required for a successful outcome. Some clients may need less, others more.

Points to Remember:

  • The rate at which results are seen varies.
  • Maintaining your treatment intervals are essential for a successful outcome. This is your responsibility.
  • Some clients may achieve results with fewer treatments.
  • Some clients will require more treatments than others to achieve a result.
  • Some hairs may not treat at all.
  • White, grey, red, blonde and light brown hairs cannot be treated.
  • Not continuing treatment for the entire recommended course will result in a re-growth of hair. Unfortunately you cannot stop and re-start treatment. Consistency is key.

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