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infusion lounge - now at Skinworx!

infusion lounge - now at Skinworx!

What is IV therapy?

The infusion lounge is Townsville's first ever wellness centre specializing in intravenous infusions - a treatment that delivers high doses of vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants. We provide customized & concentrated intravenous (IV) infusions that replace key nutrients & vitamins that your body naturally depletes each day. Many individuals can benefit from immune-supporting & energizing IV infusions.

IV infusions deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream, allowing your body to access more nutrients than can be obtained through dietary intake &/or oral supplementation. IV infusions may help prevent & treat a wide variety of conditions or health concerns safely & effectively. Many research studies have shown that IV infusions can be effective for:

- fatigue/chronic fatigue

- colds/flus/other viruses such as EBV

- immune balance & support

- headaches/migraines

- vitamin/nutrient deficiencies

- digestive/malabsorption conditions

- mental clarity

-improved skin tone & clarity

- jet lag

- hectic/stressful lifestyle

- complimenting a healthy lifestyle

IV infusions are generally very safe & pose minimal side effects. Australia has very stringent health regulations & all of our infusion formulations are sourced from TGA- and GMP- regulated laboratories. IV infusions are not intended as a substitute for a balanced diet & good nutrition. Our infusions should be integrated with healthy lifestyle choices to ensure continued wellness.

The Process

At the infusion lounge, our aim is to make you look & feel your best, & we want to do it right to ensure that an infusion is of genuine benefit to you. All of our infusions require an initial consultation with Dr Rowena & also require (at least initially) recent blood tests.

Step 1: Book an initial 30 minute consultation with Dr Rowena to discuss your health & have a physical examination performed. Most patients will have blood tests ordered during this consultation. Your initial consultation is required a minimum of three days prior to your first infusion.

Step 2: An IV infusion will be prescribed that best suits your needs, based on your initial consultation, blood test results, & health interests.

Step 3: Once a suitable infusion is selected, you can book a treatment appointment. Our infusion appointment times are a minimum of 45 minutes.

Step 4: After completing a consent form, your prescribed infusion will be prepared and administered by Dr Rowena. You can sit back & relax while receiving your infusion.

Step 5: Follow-up infusions are as simple as making an appointment - you have already had your initial consultation & blood tests performed. However, our aim is to improve your health & well-being, so there may be times when we need to request more blood tests or book another consultation with Dr Rowena to monitor your progress.


The cost of each infusion is outlined below. The cost of infusions are not covered in whole or part by Medicare or private health insurance. Prior to your first infusion, you require a 30 minute consultation with Dr Rowena to attain a medical history and examination, which is considered standard safe medical practice. This consultation is billed at $75 and is a private billing not covered by Medicare or private health insurance.

Infusion Menu:

Rehydrate $99- Our Rehydrate infusion can support the restoration of your body back to its natural functioning state by replacing fluids & electrolytes.

Recover $149 15g Vit C/ $169 30g Vit C- Our Recover infusion can support recovery from the common cold, the flu & other viruses, & boost the normal function of your immune system, with a mega-dose of Vitamin C.

Revive $169- Our Revive infusion is a Modified Meyer's drip - the drip that gained popularity in the 1970s & started IV therapy as we know it today. It's great for boosting your energy & immune system

Rejuvenate $169- Our Rejuvenate infusion is great for helping to fight the ageing effects of free radicals & giving your body a vitality boost.

Revitalise $199- Our Revitalise infusion is the ultimate drip for those who want it all! A combination of the benefits of both our Revive & Rejuvenate drips.

Glutathione Glow $169 1g glutathione/ $199 2g glutathione- Our Glutathione Glow infusion can revitalize dull skin & your overall complexion.

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