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NEW Rationale ProCeramide Balm

Intensive nourishment and protection for sensitised skin. Provides a biomimetric membrane which immediately nourishes and shields delicate skin to alleviate irritation and dryness by replenishing compromised barrier function. A nourishing complex of Ceramides, Lipids and Antioxidants help to promote barrier repair and accelerate skin healing processes within the skin and reduce scarring. Ideal for post-treatment aftercare and ongoing homecare to treat acutely dry, damaged or irritated skin.


-          Instantly seals and protects the skin with a 100% skin compatible Lipid membrane for optimal protection and repair

-          Promotes healing

-          Soothing and anti-irritant

-          Ideal for post-treatment and for acutely dry or irritated skin

-          Maintains epidermal Natural Moisturising Factors (NFMs) while skin is being treated with ablative modalities

-          Seals in moisture and prevents Trans-Epidermal Water Loss


-          Apply liberally to all dry or compromised areas

-          Reapply throughout the day as often as necessary or as directed

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