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Dermapen Tattoff Treatment - NEW

Tattoos don't have to be forever.

We are excited to share with you some information on our NEW treatment for tattoo removal- Dermapen TattOff!

Dermapen TattOff treatments are designed to remove the pigment areas of your tattoo in a series of visits - the number depends on the size of the design. Tattoo pigment is inert and not recognized by the body as a foreign substance. That's why it is not rejected by the body and thus becomes permanent. Dermapen TattOff uses Dermapen TattOff Activator ( a lactic acid proprietary fluid) to bring the tattoo pigment to the surface in the form of a scab. Once the scab falls off, there's no more pigment and the underlying skin is clear. The procedure is virtually painless but if you do have a low pain tolerance, we can apply a local anaesthetic to further minimize any discomfort. Small circles are created over the surface of your tattoo. We leave a space in between each circle and these areas will be treated in subsequent sessions. The spacing strategy helps with the healing process and minimizes the chance of scarring. In Australia alone, it is estimated that one in ten people have a tattoo on their body.

Q- How does Dermapen TattOff work?

A- Dermapen TattOff involves a revolutionary non laser technique using Trans Epidermal Pigment Release. After light abrasion on the skin, a safe Activator proprietary fluid is injected into the tattoo pigment. The fluid breaks down the ink pigment and a scab forms over the treated area. When the scab falls away, the pigment comes with it, leaving clear, pink skin to heal.

Q - What kind of tattoos can be removed?

A- All kinds of tattoos can be removed, including whole tattoos, parts of a tattoo, clearing an area for replacement artwork, disguising a previous solid colour cover-up, or reshaping eyebrows or lip colour tattoos. Dermapen TattOff removes all colours. It is effective on most skin types, and is quick, safe, affordable and largely pain free.

Q- How is it different from laser?

A- The Dermapen TattOff treatment removes all colours unlike laser. It requires fewer treatments and is less painful than laser treatment. It is also cheaper (due tot he reduced number of treatments) and it won't damage your natural skin pigment.

Q- Where and who can conduct Dermapen TattOff treatments?

A - Dermapen TattOff treatments are only available in leading Medical Centres, Cosmetic Salons and Spas, and have been authorized to perform the Dermapen TattOff treatments. Staff have been certified in the correct application of the technique.

Q- How many treatments will I need?

A- We will give you an indication of how many treatments are required during your 15 minute initial consultation. This depends on a variety of factors, including skin type, the age of the tattoo, your age, amount of pigment, the location of the tattoo, and history of other attempts to remove the tattoo (i.e. laser).

Q- How long will it take to remove my tattoo?

A- Each treatment session lasts 30 minutes to an hour. An 8 week period is necessary between treatments to allow the skin time to heal.

Q- Does it hurt?

A- Most clients have said that it is no where near as painful as getting the original tattoo. Indeed, some have found it merely annoying, or experience an occasional jab of pain. Generally, the closer tot he bone, the more sensitive it will be.

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